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Introducing Colin Pink

Colin Pink is an Internationally recognised award winning Sound Designer/Engineer with 30 yrs experience specializing in large scale live events. As a Sound Designer his work includes:

  • Events

  • Theatre

  • Classical

  • Corporate

  • Rock/Pop

  • Film

Colin is the sound designer/live sound supervisor for both the Brit Awards and MTV EMA and is Han Zimmer’s live FOH sound engineer. He is the recipient and nominee for several prestigious awards and his sound design is enjoyed by millions worldwide.

Sound Design Projects Include

Sound Design Award TPI

Recipient of the TPI Award for best

F.O.H. Engineer 2017


Parnelli Award

Sound Engineer of the Year 2017


Pro Sound Award

Sound Engineer of the Year 2017

Recent Sound Design Projects

Current sound design projects include International live events and corporate work. Below is a selection, for a full list please see the portfolio page.


Interviews With Colin

In a seven part series Sennheiser interviews Colin Pink and Gareth Fry about the sound design industry from how they got started to career highlights.